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Soap for Goodness Sake Farm Tour Online

If you could visit us, it would be like visiting your small local farmer. You would be greeted by our dogs, 2 Great Pyrenees and an adorable fat mutt that smiles at most anything. You would find fresh vegetables from the garden most months of the year and fresh eggs from the chickens. You’ll see open pastures with cattle and Hollywood, our horse and guineas running around the pastures or yard. You can take a refreshing walk through our woods in the shade of tall oaks and hickory trees.

You might find John, with his cap on, caring for the calves or working on fence or might even catch a glimpse of him making soap…he is a wonderful soap maker (and cook for that matter). You will notice the fragrance of natural soaps curing as you enter our home. Everyone says how wonderful it smells. You may even catch a comforting hint of homemade bread cooking in the oven. We make most everything from scratch which is why we make our soap from scratch. There just isn’t anything better.

Farming, gardening and making soap take a lot of love, care and respect and we hope to pass a little bit of that along to you. We’re glad you took a bit of time to stop by for a visit. Ya’ll come back!

Farm Tour 10
Farm House

Farm Tour 1

Farm Tour 2

Farm Tour 3
Our "Outback"

Farm Tour 4

Farm Tour 5
Big bad guard dog...oh, right!

Farm Tour 6
Moo mamma and calf

Farm Tour 7
One of our rare, or what used to be rare, snow falls.

Farm Tour 8
Spring Garden

Farm Tour 9