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Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood (Certified Organic)
Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood (Certified Organic)
Price each: $70.15
(Reg Price): $ 75.95
Wt: 3.67 ounces

Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood Certified Organic

3.67 oz

Miessence Deep Green Alkalising is prepared with freeze-dried juices from the earths most potent sources of greens. Alkalizing foods help to promote health, immunity, energy levels and a proper pH balance. An ideal balance of food consumption is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. Alkaline foods sources are chiefly vegetables and various fruits. If you are not getting your 5-7 recommended servings of vegetables every day, Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood is a fast and simple source of day-to-day alkalizing greens.

Australian Certified Organic

USDA Certified Organic

Vegan and 100% raw

To Use
Blend with water, juice, a smoothie, salad dressing or sprinkle over food. Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood is organic food so use once a day, three times a day or as often as you like. Drinking just one teaspoon of this rich natural source of organic spirulina, green grass juices and leafy green vegetables helps restore the bodys balance.

Organic AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae) Powder, Organic Chlorella (Chlorella Vulgaris ) Powder, Certified Organic Spirulina, Organic Wheat Grass (Triticum Aestivum) Juice Powder, Organic Barley Grass (Hordeum Vulgare) Juice Powder, Organic Alfalfa Grass (Medicago Sativa) Juice Powder, Organic Oat Grass (Avena Sativa) Juice Powder, Organic Kamut Grass (Triticum Turanicum) Juice Powder, Organic Nettle (Urtica Dioica) Powder, Organic Collard (Brassica Oleracea Acephala) Powder, Organic Kale (Brassica Oleracea Acephala) Powder, Organic Parsley (Petroselinum Sativum).

Weight: 3.67 ounces

Group Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood