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Organic Soap (Tea Tree) Miessence
Organic Soap (Tea Tree) Miessence
Price each: $9.20

Wt: 2.50 ounces
Sold Out

Miessence Organic Soap with Sisal Drawstring Bag - Certified Organic Soap

Handcrafted organic soap made with organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from the Pacific Islands, collected, grated, and cold-pressed within hours of opening the nut. This bar is slipped into natural, sisal drawstring bags to provide superior exfoliation.

Purify, cleanse and exfoliate all in one! Exfoliating uses gentle abrasion to slough off dead cells that cause skin to look rough and dull. Skin is then ready for the nutrients, emollients and moisture that promote youthful, glowing skin.

Product of Australia

Suggested Uses
Use with water and gently rub over skin. Best used as body soap. Body/Hands. All Skin Types.

certified organic sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil), certified organic melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil

Australian Certified Organic

Group: Organic Soap, Tea Tree Soap

For maximum benefits and freshness all natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 6 months of purchase.

Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in this product.