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Pecans for Sale - Natural


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Pecans for Sale - Cracked - Native - Pesticide Free
Pecans for Sale - Cracked - Native - Pesticide Free Quantity in Basket: None

Price each: $12.28
Weight: 22.00 ounces

Cracked Pecans for Sale

The word “pecan” comes from a Native American term used to describe “requiring a stone to crack”.

1 Bag = 1 lb/6 oz

Our pecans are from our natural grove of native pecans. They are completely natural. We have never used insecticides/pesticides or fertilizer on our pecan trees.

Our pecans drop naturally from trees and we pick them up by hand. Some are taken across the Red River to a pecan house in Texas where they are cracked.

Pecans are great gifts to give and receive!

We offer our raw pecans cracked and in-shell. The cracked pecans should be used right away. The In-shell pecans have a much longer shelf life and should be used within a year. You can also shell your pecans and freeze them for later use. Shelled or cracked pecans freeze very well.

If you haven’t used all of your pecans after 3 or 4 weeks, we recommend you freeze them to protect freshness. Shelled or cracked pecans freeze well.

Packaged in biodegradable cello bags made from cellulose wood fibers from sustainable forestry products. These are certified biodegradable, compostable and made carbon zero.

Bonus soaps are not offered with pecan purchase. The free shipping option is not available on pecans.

Group: pecans for sale, Oklahoma/Texas Pecans, pecan gifts, raw pecans.