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Lavender Baby Soap

Lavender Baby Soap

Wt: 4.00 ounces

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Product Description

PLEASE READ: This is a specialty soap for sensitive skin. It is a soft bar of soap and special care is needed to keep the bar from becoming very soft. It cannot be left in the shower and needs to thoroughly dry between uses. Use a soap dish that completely drains.

Lavender Baby Soap handmade with Organic extra virgin olive oil and high quality pure grade french lavender essential oil. Leaves baby smelling sweet and clean.

Taken from a baby soap recipe this bar is wonderful for baby! It has a nice lather and is very soothing on their skin and can also be used on their hair. If your baby has sensitive skin or allergies this soap is one of the most gentle you will find. Because this is a natural soap, it is not tearless, please ensure you avoid the eye area and be careful when rinsing their hair.

We use high quality, pure grade French lavender essential oil in our lavender soaps. It is a nicer scent and milder on the skin than commercial grade lavender essential oil. How can you tell if the product you are buying is made with pure grade lavender essential oil? If it doesnt say pure grade then it is most probably not. We think your nose can tell the difference.

Labeled - Hand Wrapped in lovely FSC Vellum Paper. Great for personal use, gifts and display.
Unlabeled - In an eco-friendly glassine bag. Great for personal use.

Handmade Olive Oil Soap - Cold Process - Certified organic ingredients - Non-Dairy - No Parabens - No SLS

Scented With Essential Oils / No Artificial Fragrance - No Artificial Anything, Just Good Wholesome Ingredients

Skin cleansed with Lavender imparts a clean, sweet scent.

Saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate), Distilled Water, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Leaf Oil.

This soap is an olive oil soap and is very gentle on the skin. However, it can become soft if left in water so be sure to use a soap dish that drains very well and let the soap dry completely between uses. All soap will last much longer if kept in this manner. If you need a soap dish, please see our selection in Bath Accessories.

For maximum benefits and freshness all natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 6 months of purchase.

Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in this product.

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by T.D., West Point, NY
"My baby started developing sensitive skin ever since I started bathing her. I ended up trying all kinds of products for "baby"...the rashes got worse and worse....I was so frustrated and confused as to why I needed to use a lotion daily! How could skin this NEW be so "rashy?"

Then I found Soap for Goodness Sake. I tried the soap for babies and the DAY after using this soap I noticed a difference! In no time, my babys skin was once again as soft as the day she was born!!

I also use the baby soap on her hair, so all I need is one bar of soap! I just use a washcloth to keep the soap out of her eyes, which is worth it since her fine hair looks amazing with this soap, and I can even skip two days in between baths if I have to!

I will NEVER use anything else on my baby...the results are amazing!! Thank you so much for giving me such great natural products for my family!

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