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Keeki Pure and Simple Nail Polish Remover

Keeki Pure and Simple Nail Polish Remover

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Product Description

No more stinky nail polish!

Keeki Pure and Simple's Award Winning Natural Polish Remover is safe to use and does not contain harsh solvents, such as acetone which can harm you or the environment. Formulated with Aloe Vera and Vit. E for conditioning and protecting nails and cuticles.

Made in the USA
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Non GMO!

To Use
Keeki Pure and Simple Natural Polish Remover is specifically formulated for Keeki Pure and Simple nail polish.Aacetone nail polish removers will not remove Keeki nail polishes). The polish can be removed with Keeki Natural Nail Polish Remover easily within 1-4 days after the initial application of the polish. Afterwards, the polish becomes increasingly more difficult to remove particularly for dry, porous nails. If you have difficulty removing the polish, try soaking a cotton ball and resting it on the nail for 1 minute. This will help to saturate the remaining polish and the polish should come right off. Base Coat is recommended for fingernail tips only for easier removal.

Corn alcohol, butyl diglycol, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, embuttering agent (to prevent from ingesting)

Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in this product.

Group: non-toxic nail Polish remover, safe nail polish remover
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