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Soap Pouch (Large)

Soap Pouch (Large)

Wt: 1.00 ounces

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Hang your soap in the shower and your soap will last much longer. Don't let your soap sit in water getting soggy. This attractive natural fiber soap pouch allows you to hang your soap to dry after use in the shower so it dries completely. It' i reusable and made from natural fibers so it is 100% biodegradable. This one pouch should last you through several bars of soap. Just return your soap to the pouch after use and hang to dry.

This large size has plenty of room to hold our big bars and shampoo bars and is suitable for our bath soaps as well. Soap not included.

While bathing, sit the soap pouch flat and place the soap on it while using so your soap doesn't slip away.

Measures roughly 5" X 7"

These are great for gift giving too. Pair it with a handcrafted soap and soap dish.

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