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Hemp/Organic Bath Towel

Hemp/Organic Bath Towel


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Product Description

Hemp / Organic Bath Towel

Towels are natural color no dyes and unbleached and made from 55% Sustainable Hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton and Fair Trade. Hemp is natural and durable. The hemp/organic cotton blend absorbs water faster than other towels. Hemp feels soft and comfortable and becomes softer with every use.

Our towels are made in one of China's first independently owned mills after the government allowed for privatizing a few years ago. This mill is owned by one of the first private citizens who is the first in his family and one of the first in the entire country to own his own mill. This mill is also certified fair labor and working conditions.

Note - This towel is thin which some people like but if you aren't sure you will like them it is best to order a hand towel or washcloth before purchasing towels.

Weight - 14 ounces

Approximate Measurements
Bath Towel: 28 X 56 in.

Care - Machine wash warm, tumble dry on low heat.

by R.C., Chino Hills, CA
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"Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product!!! I love the coconut oil soaps and towels I purchased! I will be a forever customer:)"

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by G.C., Colebrook, NH
"Must tell you about the towels! I switched out my bath towel yesterday and decided to use one of your hemp/cotton towels. OMG! Not only did it quickly sop up all the moisture in my hair and on my skin, but it didn't even feel damp afterward! Usually our cotton towels feel wet after drying off with them, but your towel probably could have soaked up a tub full of water. I was VERY impressed."