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Sandalwood Perfume
Sandalwood Perfume
Price each: $24.72

Wt: 0.35 ounces
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Sandalwood Perfume'. Please check back later.

Sandalwood Perfume for men and women alike who adore the smoky, woody, alluring scent of Sandalwood perfume. Sandalwood oil is warm, earthy and erotic.

100% real - not fake no endangered species used!

In place of using the endangered Indian Sandalwood oil, we have used a collection of genuine sandalwood wood oils from around the globe including the Australian Sandalwood oil. I actually prefer this Sandalwood oil over the Indian Sandalwood Oil. The oils used are real and are not knock-off fragrance oils.

Tip: Create your own personal scent by smudging on two or more of our perfumes.

Ingredients: A blend of Sandalwood essential oils in Organic Jojoba.

Group: Sandalwood oil, Sandal wood oil, Sandalwood Perfume, Sandal Wood Perfume