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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express or Paypal as payment in US dollars. Simply select your payment option in the drop-down box during checkout.

Our site is secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for credit card processing. Your credit card number is encrypted so that it cannot be read.

We do not accept payment over the phone. It is actually much safer to use our website to place your order where your credit card number is encrypted than to give your credit card number to someone over the phone.

Dont want to use your credit card online? Purchase a re-loadable pre-paid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc) for the amount you would like to spend. These can be purchased almost anywhere, grocery stores, convenient stores, etc. Use it to make purchases and re-load the card as needed.

Reward Points
Earn Soap for Goodness Sake Reward Points* every time you order. Every purchase you make earns points (5%) toward your next purchase. Use them for any product we carry. You will never run out of great ways to use them.

To check your reward points balance. Login using the login button on the bar at the top of the page. Your balance will show at the lower left hand corner.

To redeem points. You can redeem your points during the checkout process on the Shipping and Payments Selection Page. Points can only be earned and redeemed with orders placed and paid for online.

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Why is my basket empty?
If items are missing from your cart, refresh the page and see if you can see them. Try not to use the back button as this can cause products to be hidden from you in some browser versions.

Sometimes when your shopping basket comes up empty after shopping, it means that all or some cookies have been disabled in your browser.

When you place an item in your basket, cookies remembers it until you checkout. If you do not have cookies enabled or your privacy settings do not allow cookies, your computer cannot remember what you have placed into your basket. Thats the way online shopping baskets work.

Recent updates to your computer, browser, privacy settings or security settings can change your cookie settings.

You can try lowering your privacy settings and re-set them after you order if you wish. Medium settings usually work well.

Or try ordering from a different computer if you have access to one. Be sure you have cookies enabled too. Then go to our website and see if your shopping basket has got a memory of your requests.

Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities
First, keep in mind that we did not create your allergies or sensitivities and we never claim to make products specifically for chemically sensitive or allergic individuals nor do we make claims that our products are hypoallergenic.

Some chemically sensitive people do well with our products while others do not. Every individual is unique when it comes to sensitivities and a person can be sensitive or allergic to virtually anything. All matter is a chemical including water.

If you are allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients, be sure to read the label before purchasing or using a product and always try the sample size first, if available.

If you are sensitive to scents it might be best if you bought from a walk-in store where you can smell the scents before you purchase. The majority of our customers enjoy scents.

Our soaps naturally smell like soap. We do not add chemicals to mask this scent. We never claim that our soaps do not have a scent including soaps that no scent has been added. Most people love this scent.

Please do not hate us because our packaging smells so good. We make scented products and everyone who walks into our shop comments about how good it smells. The scent permeates everything in our shop included our shipping boxes and packing material. There is not anything we can do about it and we dont want to have to give up making our products with no added scent.

Some individuals with chemical sensitivities mistake cinnamon leaf oil for patchouli so keep this is mind when shopping if you tend to confuse scents or do not care for patchouli. Please keep in mind that many people love the scent of patchouli and we happily make patchouli products for our patchouli loving customers.

We do use nut products such as shea butter and mango butter in some of our soaps and other items. We use the same equipment for all products. We list the ingredients of our products on this website. If you have allergies or sensitivities, be sure to read the ingredients before purchasing. The same rules apply if you are sensitive to gluten. The ingredients are listed folks! Please let us know if you have any questions.

pH of Bar Soap
While soap tends to run on the alkaline side (7-10), it is the alkalinity that cleanses away dirt and germs from your skin. When your bath or shower you wash away the acid mantle on your skin (even if you only bath with water!). But not to worry, the acid mantle quickly replaces itself.

pH balance in soap is not an indication of how harsh or mild a soap will be. pH neutral soap is not a good indicator of mildness. An example: Pure rubbing alcohol is pH neutral yet it is drying to the skin.

Our soaps range from our olive oil soaps which are very mild to our coconut oil soap which is very cleansing. All other soaps are formulated to gently cleanse your skin without drying.

Animal Testing
We are cruelty free. Our products are never tested on animals.

We do not test on animals

We strive to make sure our ingredients are Non-GMO and as far as we know all of our ingredients are Non-GMO.

Are your products vegan?

All of our soaps are vegan with the exception of the goat milk and honey soaps. However, we do carry other products that contain beeswax which includes: concealers, lip cremes and lip liners, eye liner pencils, mascara, shimmer creme, Jaffa lip balm, reflect outdoor balm. We do list list ingredients of each product so be sure to read the ingredients to be sure.

Sales Tax:
Arkansas residents are subject to 8.00% sales tax.

Do you offer soap samples?
We offer a few samples/travel/trial sizes. These can be found at the end of the product category pages.

We do not offer a printed catalog.

Where to buy Soap for Goodness Sake?:
Soap for Goodness Sake products are sold exclusively here on this website.

Soap for Goodness Sake is not offering wholesale at this time.

Shipping and Returns
See Shipping and Returns

How to Care for Your Soap:
Store your handmade soaps in a cool, dark place. Each scent should be stored separately in a plastic container or freezer bag to help retain scent and to keep them from absorbing moisture from the air. Handmade soaps are rich in natural glycerin and glycerin is a humectant which attracts moisture. When in use, soaps should be kept on a soap dish that drains very well and should be allowed to dry between uses. You can find soap dishes under "Bath Accessories" on our site.

About Our Soaps
Soap for Goodness Sake Handcrafted Organic Soap
Delightful Soap Handmade From Scratch!
Our soaps are handmade from scratch from start to finish using the cold process method. We start with certified organic food grade oils and add pure essential oils, fresh herbs and rich, moisturizing oils and butters. The process takes several weeks to make your soap into the best soap available.

The goodness of all handcrafted soaps directly from Hot Springs "Spa City" USA. We're a family owned business here in Hot Springs National Park. Our soaps are made in small, quality controlled batches with top quality organic ingredients. From the natural state fresh to you, naturally! And when you buy from us you are supporting an American family!

Intellectual Property
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