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Shea Butter Creme 4-ounce

Shea Butter Creme 4-ounce

Wt: 4.00 ounces

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Product Description

Our Shea Butter Creme is made using 75% Organic Shea Butter and 25% Organic Sunflower Oil for a creamier moisturizer and easier spreadability than pure shea. We use the more costly Shea which has been expeller pressed and lightly and naturally refined to remove debris which results in a highly pure product that is considered non-allergenic, doesn't have the somewhat unpleasant smell of raw shea butter and lengthens shelf life. This formula contains no water so much less is needed for moisturizing. If you apply more than your skin can absorb, remove the excess with a damp washcloth and use less next time.

Moisturizes, softens, nourishes and protects.
For face, body, hands, cuticles, nails and hair.
Absorbs quickly and non-greasy.
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
No plastic container

Made in the USA - Non Toxic - Eco Friendly - Scrumptious! Thank you for selecting our all natural Shea Butter Creme!

Eco-friendly glass jar with lined aluminum cap.

To Use
Using one of our bamboo scoops, melt a small amount of shea butter creme in the palm of your hands and apply as necessary. Keep in a cool, dry place.

All skin types.

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil*.
*Certified Organic

For maximum benefits and freshness all natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 6 months of purchase.

Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in this product.

This product has no added scent. It may have a scent from the natural ingredients used.

This product can melt during shipment when temperatures are high. Order at your own risk when temps are high outside and be sure to have your order delivered to your office if you will not be at home on the delivery date. I advise against ordering it if it will sit in your mail box or porch all day in hot weather.

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by M.S. Richmond, VA
"I was nearing the end of my jar of Shea Butter Creme and was a bit anxious, hoping you were still doing business, because it's been over a year since I got this creme! Yes, I went back to my blog to see when I posted about it and it was Sept. 20 of 2009!! I love this product. Everyone tells me how good my skin looks. No one can believe I'm as old as I am. For real! I'm 69 years old but everyone guesses that I'm in my 50s. Okay, it might be in my genes, but I do believe that your creme has something to do with it. Oh, and after using the creme on my face, I rub wha't's left on my hands through my hair. I'm happy to read about your new packaging. I'll re-use the container I have now as it's such a nice size and all but your new container sounds terrific. I'll be sure to continue to tell people about your company."

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by H.L. San Diego, CA.
"The pure shea butter is nice to smooth over your hands and looks like it will last a while too"

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by T.D., West Point, NY
"I have to tell you, I use the complexion bar on my face and the Shea butter cream. I have actuallynoticed that my skin looks better! AMAZING!!! I will be telling everyone about your great products and have already thrown out a lot of the crap I used to use on my skin. The Shea butter cream makes my face look and feel 100% better than the Estee Lauder Daywear cream I was using in conjunction with the Estee Lauder Eye Cream- simply amazing!!! I don't know if you remember me saying I have dry hair. A little Shea Butter cream on the ends gives it a healthy shine and replaces my old Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade. My husband also likes to use the Shea Butter on his face as an after-shave lotion."

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by A.K. Dracut, MA.
"After breast cancer lumpectomy and radiation, the radiated breast tissue area became hard. The doctor said this is normal and the area would most likely stay hard and Shea butter would keep the area comfortable. Reading the ingredients in the Shea butter products at the store, I was not about to put any chemicals on the area. I bought the Shea Butter Creme from Soap for Goodness Sake that doesn't have all those additives and I have been using it faithfully for over two years. Much to my doctor's surprise, the radiated area is now soft skin. I use Soap for Goodness Sake soap, shampoo bar, Shea butter, toothpaste and oils. I don't want any chemical products on my body and I highly recommended these products."

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