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Dead Sea Mud Soap - Scented 4.75 oz

Dead Sea Mud Soap - Scented 4.75 oz

Wt: 4.75 ounces

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Product Description

Handcrafted Dead Sea Mud soap with a clean, woodsy scent and handcrafted with organic EVOO and dead sea mud.

Our Dead Sea Mud Soap is a handmade olive oil soap
Made in the USA
Cold Process with organic ingredients
Vegan & Non-Dairy
No Parabens - No SLS - No Artificial Fragrance

Suggested Uses
Face/Body/Hands. All Skin Types.

Saponified Organic Palm Oil (Sodium Palmate), Distilled Water, Saponified Organic Coconut Oil (Sodium Cocoate), Saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate), Dead Sea Mud, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Abies Siberica (Fir Needle) Essential Oil, Juniperus Virginiana (Cedarwood) Essential Oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Leaf Oil.

For maximum benefits and freshness all natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 6 months of purchase.

Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in this product.

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by G.C., San Jose, CA
"I have been a fan of your products for a couple of years and have tried a variety of your soaps. I have a newly discovered favorite: dead sea mud soap. It is amazing and referred a couple of friends to your dead sea mud soap along with some of the other products you offer. I have been conscious of what I buy, what I put on, etc. for a long time now and was thrilled when I found out you offered the soap bars without the labels as I have been moving towards zero waste for some time now. Thank you very much for your time. Also, thank you so much for all that you guys do. Ever since I discovered your body and shampoo bars, I have not and do not use anything else. You allow me to continue living a healthy lifestyle because of your products."

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by M.S., Taveuni, Fiji Islands
"Okay, can not contain myself. i have a testimonial for the Dead Sea Mud Soap. Last night i put it into the nice, eco-plant-fiber hanging bag and left it in my bathroom. This morning when i woke up and went into the bathroom, the entire bathroom smelled very special and extraordinary. It actually uplifted my mood. When i used it for bathing i had a strong sense of WANTING to rub it all over my body, unlike other soaps. This unique soap felt purifying, delightful, soothing, slippery and amazingly, at the same time, textured, like stone-washed silk. It felt gently drawing, like the fine silt at the bottom of my favorite childhood swimming pond..i believe it is going to be very good for my skin over time. In short, it is a winner!"

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by L. D., Sterling, VA
'I purchased the Dead Sea Mud soap because I hoped it would minimize the large pores on my nose. I was not disappointed. It has only been a few days since I received my order (and thank you for the prompt shipping, by the way), but those pores are much smaller already. Thanks for a great product.'

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by K.A., Newberg, OR
"Hello Kathy and John! I want you both to know that my brother, my boyfriend and I love your products!. I ordered the dead sea soap for my brother and he loves it! Specially because it smells soooo good, he says. Thank you for putting so much effort and care in your products. I am a loyal customer now. Please keep up the great work, Many blessings."

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by A.T., Latham, NY
"....in the bath I indulge with the Dead Sea Soap and my 50+ yr skin is amazing."

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