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Sandalwood Perfume (for Men and Women)

Sandalwood Perfume (for Men and Women)

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We have used a collection of genuine sandalwood wood oils from around the globe including the Australian Sandalwood oil  In place of using the endangered Indian sandalwood oil,  This  oil is preferred over the Indian Sandalwood Oil by many. The oils used are real and are not knock-off fragrance oils.

 Tip: Create your own personal scent by smudging on two or more of our perfumes.



A blend of Sandalwood essential oils in Organic Jojoba.


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by E. U., Phoenix, AZ
'I am a big fan of your products and use a number of them as part of my daily regimen. For whatever it’s worth, I love the sandalwood perfume, and my wife loves it on me. In fact, whenever I wear it I get comments from friends and acquaintances, usually women, about how good I smell. If only more men were aware of the power and allure of that stuff. Keep up the good work!'

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